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Family and Child Dentistry

Children that have access to quality dental care often enjoy healthier smiles later in life. Our Bay Area pedodontic options allow your family to enjoy safe, comfortable children’s dental care.

At Bloom Dental Group in San Mateo, California, your family can enjoy safe, comfortable adult and children’s dental care.

What is family dentistry?

Children have different dental care needs than adults, and parents should make sure that their children see a pediatric dentist around the age of one. Family dentistry practices feature dental care services for both children and adults, conveniently treating the entire family at the same practice.

Bloom Dental Group offers family dentistry services, including oral surgery and orthodontics for both children and adults, in San Mateo, California.

What is children’s dentistry?

Children require specialized dental care to ensure their oral health for years to come. One of the key elements of children’s dental care involves empowering your child with the right oral hygiene education and access to preventive pedodontic care to avoid problems before they arise.

At Bloom Dental, our dentists and hygienists provide children's dental services such as:

  • Gentle cleanings
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Protective sealants
  • Oral hygiene instruction
  • Digital x-rays
  • Sealants
  • Information on thumb and pacifier sucking
  • Complimentary toothpaste, mouthwash, and other dental care products

Your dentist will discuss risk factors that may lead to oral health concerns later on, allowing you to take proactive steps with your child to prevent future problems.

If we can address your child’s care needs as early as possible, you can avoid common dental emergencies and painful experiences caused by delayed treatment.

Where can I find family and child dentistry in San Mateo, California?

We recommend that all children receive preventive pedodontic dental care beginning at age 1. Is it time for your child’s first checkup? Book online or all Bloom Dental Group in San Mateo, California, today. Our office is located at 800 S. B Street, Suite 200, in San Mateo, California.

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