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Electric Toothbrush

We believe in the power of electric toothbrushes to improve dental health. That's why we developed our very own smart brush to help our patients enjoy the best oral care.

While fostering good brushing habits is important no matter what type of toothbrush you use, we recommend electric toothbrushes for more effective brushing and the best oral health. 

We developed our own smart electric toothbrush, complimentary for Bloom Dental Group patients.

What makes this brush "smart"? It includes a Bluetooth chip for tracking your brushing habits via mobile app, pressure sensors, and five sonic brush modes. It even stays charged for over 100 days!

With our brush, you can be proactive about your dental care by measuring and improving your hygiene habits over time.

Toothbrush Features
  • Sonic cleaning system like top-of-the-line electric brushes
  • Pressure sensor to detect proper brushing technique
  • 5 different brushing modes
  • Keeps a charge for over 100 days
  • Bluetooth-connectivity for app tracking
  • Easy USB charging - great for travel
  • Complimentary for all Bloom Dental Group patients

Make an appointment today to receive your complimentary smart brush. Every Bloom Dental patient will receive it on their first visit!

Newswire, October 3, 2017: Bloom Dental Releases Electric Toothbrush to Fuse Home and Office Dental

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