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Dental Emergencies

A broken tooth or severe toothache can leave you feeling miserable. We're here to help.

Bloom Dental can help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter what the issue is. Our emergency dentists are always on-call. Calm, fast care prevents complications that could lead to expensive treatments. 

Our wide variety of emergency, restorative, and cosmetic treatments can resolve your pain and return your smile. From tooth-colored fillings for cavities and broken teeth to pulp therapy for dental abscesses, our office has everything on-site for emergency dentist treatments.

New and existing patients are always welcome for urgent or emergency oral health needs. Contact us immediately for the care that you deserve.

When is the last time you felt good leaving the dentist's office?

We started Bloom Dental with the belief that clinical excellence, commitment to service and a modern approach make for a truly great experience.