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How full mouth rehab works

By Dr. Lior Tamir

Over the years, your teeth can wear down if they don’t come together evenly. You may clench your teeth, decay can develop, and after a lifetime of wear and tear, you don’t necessarily have the same youthful smile that you did in your younger years. The teeth can be stained and worn down. The gums may have receded and our smiles don’t sparkle as much.

What if you could correct the lifetime of wear and tear to achieve that youthful smile once again? Would you do it?


Photo credit: David Hornbrook, Center for Advanced Dentistry 

We use advanced technology and design techniques to correct major dental problems through full mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation.

How does full mouth rehabilitation work?

Aesthetic Consultation

The first and most important step is planning your new smile.

First, you will undergo an aesthetic consultation with our dental experts to determine the scope of your treatment plan. Questions to consider with your dentist include:

·      Are my teeth worn down too short?

·      Are there cracks in my teeth and gum recession?

·      Are my teeth discolored?

·      Are there spaces in between the teeth?

You and your dentist will work together to design the perfect smile for your needs. We will evaluate the length of your front teeth, your smile line, facial profile and teeth inclination, and then we factor in each of these elements when creating the perfect smile for you.

When choosing a provider, make sure that your dentist has had the proper advanced training in restoring smiles. This skill is not taught in dental school and your dentist should have before and after photos to demonstrate their work. 

Your Records

Once you and your dentist have discussed your aesthetic goals and you have decided to move forward with treatment, we will take necessary measurements and obtain your records. Your dentist will take impressions and photographs of your teeth and face, which the lab will use to great a model of your new smile in wax.

The wax up is an extremely important intermediary step before you start treatment that allows both you and the dentist to visually communicate what the final results will look like. A high-quality wax up shows how your teeth will look and allows us to test out the smile in the mouth.

Make sure to ask your dentist to share examples of previous cases with the lab they work with

Photo credit Phil Nebeker, Utah Valley Dental Lab 

Smile Try-On 

Once we get the wax up back from the lab, we will try the smile in your mouth using temporary acrylic material. This process allows us to envision how your smile will look once you complete treatment.

If any adjustments are needed, then you and your dentist will make any final tweaks before treatment begins. The next step is to start treatment!

Prep Day

During your first procedure, we will prepare your teeth, take a very specialized impression, and temporize the teeth. This appointment can take several hours.

You will go home that day in temporaries that look fantastic and resemble what your new smile will look like. You will be in temporaries for the next several weeks while a ceramist works on making your new teeth.

Dr. Tamir of Bloom Dental Group with a patient right after treatment in her temporaries

Delivery Day

Today is the big moment when you will receive your brand-new smile.

Modern dental materials have come a long way and the lab will manufacture veneers and crowns that mimic real teeth in every way. Your desired shade, anatomy, and level of translucency in the restorations has been taken into account, and the best ceramic material was used to deliver maximum strength, functionality, and aesthetics for you.

During this appointment, we will remove the temporaries and try on the new teeth. Then, we will cement the teeth in place and you’re on your way with your new smile.

Are you ready to get a new smile? Book online now or call 650-458-3727 to schedule a consultation with the team at Bloom Dental Group in San Mateo, California, about a full mouth rehabilitation.

Photo credit: Phil Nebeker Utah Valley Dental Lab and David Hornbrook Center For Dental Esthetics

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