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Bringing Dental Care to Kakuma

One of the founding pillars of Bloom Dental Group is our commitment to serving others and bringing care to those who need it most.

This month, Drs. Tamir, Diaz, and Marquez participated in a mobile dental clinic at Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, bringing dental care to hundreds of patients in partnership with IsraAID and The Koret Foundation. The mobile dental clinic is the latest project in IsraAID’s new US-Israeli joint professional missions program, and was supported by Henry Schein, Inc. which donated over $26,000 of equipment and supplies to the clinic.

Dr. Diaz, Dr. Marquez, and Dr. Tamir in Kenya

After two years of planning, the dental team arrived at Kakuma by humanitarian flight in early July and set to work. Kakuma is one of the largest refugee camps in the world - over 180,000 people live there. Most Kakuma refugees come from war-torn areas of Africa such as Sudan, Somalia, and Ethiopia.

Among the tens of thousands of residents, there is only one permanent dental technician. Because the United Nations does not consider dental care as primary care or necessity, most residents do not receive any dental care leading to a number of health issues. The IsraAID + Bloom Dental partnership supplied the dental clinic to be able to provide a range of dental care, including check ups, hygiene training, and the surgical procedures.

Dr. Tamir reports that the patients they saw in Kenya came to the clinic with broken teeth, dental infections, trauma, and, surprisingly, there were many patients with Fluorosis (too much fluoride) due to overtreated water at the camp. In addition to treating individual patients, the team completed multiple pieces of training at schools, providing education on oral hygiene and the importance of dental care.

Dr. Tamir explained Bloom Dental’s commitment to helping others, stating that “Bloom Dental decided to be a part of IsraAID’s mobile dental clinic because we believe that true happiness and prosperity can better be accomplished by helping those in need. IsraAID is the organization that provides aid to those most in need, at the most critical times. Bloom Dental is proud to spearhead this mission.”

The dental team was honored to make a difference in Kakuma and looks forward to continuing to support the dental clinic and other dental missions around the world.

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